•Caffe Aroma•


Get to know us

Tina and Emily are fairly new to the Bismarck area. After Tina's husband transferred to the area from Minnesota, Tina looked for opportunities to start a business. Her background is in the food service management industry, so she wanted to find something that she would excel in. When she found out about a local coffee shop that was available for purchase, she was immediately intrigued. After several phone calls, she knew it was the opportunity she was looking for. She asked a colleague of hers, Emily, if she was interested in partnering in her new venture, and of course she agreed.

Tina and Emily immediately became a local staple in the coffee world. They participated in community events, fundraisers, and other community based activities. Everyone that meets them agrees that their passion for the industry is strong, their personalities are infectious, and the duo is exactly what Downtown Bismarck needed. 

They have turned Caffe Aroma in to the most desired coffee shop in the area, and look forward to growing the business. Stop in and see Tina and Emily, and find out for yourself what so many others already know.